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       Brahmakulam is a part of Chavakkad thaluk in Thrissur district and located on the west coast area of Kerala. Regarding Christian fellowship in historical records Brahmakulam belongs to Palayur Church. Brahmakulam is on the route between important pilgrim centers such as Guruvayur temple and Pvaratty St.Joseph Shrine. The name "Brahmakulam" has been formed from two words "Brahma" and "Kulam".Where the word “Brahma” stands for Brahmins, the second word “Kulam” means to community living. Some people say that this place has been occupied by Brahmins. There are many Hindu temples and prayer idles located around this small place. It is stated that a Hindu temple that was abandoned by the Brahmins was converted in to the present Palayur church. Further as a proof of Jewish settlements existing when St.Thomas the apostle arrived here in AD 52, ruins of a synagogue could be seen near a Hindu temple close to the church. Following migration of Hindu Brahmins from Palayur, the church was built incorporating the old Hindu temple, which was deserted. Review on these ancient notes may lighten the part of brahmakulam to raise Christianity in India.

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